Friday, November 15, 2013

bibbity bobbity boo

Ok Mr. Universe, Ms. Give-me-what-I-want-Fairy, my Genie in a bottle with your stupid three wishes,

I appreciate all this work (and paychecks) you're throwing my way, but this isn't exaaactly what I meant.

Having two days off out of 20 is not what I was looking for! I am TIRED. And because I am TIRED I am having to pass up on fun stuff.  Like drinks with friends (you know how I hate to miss an opportunity to booze it up), birthday parties (hello, booze-portunity missed again!), and even line dancing (booze-a-thon!).  I've been forced to douse myself in Vitamin C just to keep from getting sick.

And to top it off, this "awesome" work you've been getting me? While not exactly "difficult," it certainly isn't what I thought I'd be doing with my life at this age.  I can see myself at my next high school reunion -

Classmate 1:
 I'm so amazing. I dance professionally for Alvin Ailey as their lead dancer.

Classmate 2:
I have two darling children that I home school and my husband is a doctor AND a lawyer!

Classmate 3:
 I was just the lead in a movie playing Brad Pitt's wife! (true story btw)

Classmate 4:
I've been traveling the world ending hunger and war! Joanna, what have you been up to?

Well, the other day at work I made reindeer water bottles...

So much for a little part-time gig to give me some extra cash during the week.  Now I am full-time mummy-juice, turkey-lollipop, craft-maker. Oh - and weekend teacher. Whew... I need a drink.